We provide a comprehensive range of customized fund administration solutions to clients. We take care of all day-to-day middle and back office functions, so that clients can focus solely on the management of their funds. We advise a range of clients, from established firms to independent managers launching start-up funds. We provide services to clients managing onshore and offshore funds, comprising both traditional and alternative assets.

Our services include fund administration, fund set-up and fund structuring. We deliver a seamless, integrated service, through the use of cutting-edge technology and timely, accurate and customized reporting.

We know how important technology is and invest heavily to ensure our fund administration solutions are at the forefront of the industry. Our technology is state-of-the-art and globally recognized.

Administration, accounting, periodic NAV calculation

  • Processing trade-related and non-trade related (cash movements etc.) transactions;
  • Preparing books of account by compiling accounting records from independent sources, reconciling account statements and balances, pricing the portfolio, calculating income and expense accruals and fees and calculating the Net Asset Value of participations;
  • Computation of income and expense accruals;
  • Computation of management fees and all other fees and expenses;
  • Preparing financial statements tailored to client requirements, including statements of assets and liabilities, operations and changes in net assets;
  • Liaison with external auditors;
  • Correspondence with bank, custodian, lawyers and agents;
  • Disbursing fees;
  • Publishing of the NAV (if required).


  • Provision of share registrar, transfer agent, paying agent and settlement functions
  • Maintenance of the register of investors and related documents
  • Maintenance of capital account balances for partnerships
  • Processing of all subscriptions, redemptions, transfers, switches and capital calls
  • Know-Your-Customer and Anti-Money-Laundering identification procedures
  • Assistance with the investment and payment process
  • Investor communication

Fund formation services

  • Collecting client due diligence;
  • Drafting the offering documents (incl. subscription and redemption forms), the memorandum and articles of association and agreements;
  • Opening bank- and brokerage account;
  • Requesting identifiers;
  • Liaising with third party service providers; and
  • Consultation with the registered office and local legal counsel.

Reporting services

Financial statements

  • Preparation of unaudited financial statements in conformity with relevant accounting standards

Regulatory reporting

  • Reporting in compliance with AIFMD;
  • Reporting conform the AEOI requirements;
  • Compiling data for other regulatory reporting.

Tax reporting

  • Investor classification and identification of investors to be compliant with Fatca and /or OECD’s AEOI;
  • Classification and registration of the Fund with the local tax authorities;
  • Gap – analysis (for existing structures) to identify if further information is required;
  • Registration of the Fund with the IRS and local tax authorities;
  • Acting as the FATCA Reporting Officer;
  • Reporting and communication with local tax authorities or IRS; and
  • Any other duties under CRS or FATCA.

AML Services

  • Appointment of Anti Money Laundering Officer and/or (deputy) money laundering reporting officer of the fund
  • Establish appropriate controls and reporting procedures to prevent money laundering;
  • Set up sanctions compliance program to screen against applicable sanction lists;
  • Maintain adequate systems to identify risk in relation to persons, countries and activities;
  • Adoption of risk based approach to monitor financial activities