Circle Partners and AMS Financial Group about to merge

September 2021 –Circle Partners and AMS Financial Group are pleased to announce they have agreed to merge into one independent global organization. Having worked closely together over the last decade with stakeholders involved in both operations, the consolidation of fund and corporate services is part of a growth strategy to offer seamless services worldwide. While completion of the merger is still subject to regulatory approvals, the two organizations will start operating under one brand and as one group in the course of Q4 2021. Its combined offices will result in global coverage in all major financial jurisdictions.

We see an increase in consolidations within the financial sector. We believe the time is right for our complementary business models to officially join forces. Our new organization will provide a solid foundation for further future growth with strong values, a governance structure fit for growth, and a clear strategy. Our combined range of services will expand business opportunities in our markets and will increase personal development for our professionals. We strongly believe in the many opportunities that this era of globalization will bring us all, on a professional, personal and social level.

It is our strong conviction that in our market, it is imperative to be 100% informed, involved, and in control. Merging our services and operations will enable us to meet these strategic objectives. To date, our companies have worked together frequently: we hold similar values and philosophies on doing business: offering an excellent service to our clients, with an emphasis on honesty and integrity, and the importance of a positive attitude.
Moving forward, we will work closely with our clients, partners and other stakeholders to accomplish a seamless integration process. Clients can rely on the same personal and professional working relationships that they have experienced from us in the past.

Please contact your local relationship manager if you have any questions, and join us as we look forward to an exciting and prosperous future for our clients, employees, and business partners.

About Circle Partners and AMS Financial Group

Circle Partners is an independent fund administrator with over 20 years of experience, offering a range of fund services from the world’s major financial jurisdictions. Circle Partners clients range from traditional to alternative investment management firms.

AMS Financial Group has provided a comprehensive range of corporate and financial services since 1982. AMS occupies a global position, with offices in all major financial jurisdictions worldwide.