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local expertise and presence
As a specialist provider of fund administration services,
we understand the challenges that our clients face in today’s environment: the continuously changing requirements for managing a fund and increasingly complex reporting duties. Our knowledgeable and experienced teams fully understand the characteristics of a broad range of investment funds.
Our goal is to ensure that our clients can solely concentrate on the management of their funds’ portfolios, rather than on back-office operations. We offer a complete range of fund accounting and administration services for hedge funds, fund of funds, real estate funds and private equity funds, including:
• Maintaining the official books and records
• Portfolio pricing and valuation
• Net Asset Value (NAV) calculation at the required frequency
• Performance fee calculation by using different equalization
• Various fee (incl. carry) calculations and payment services
• Equity multiplier and internal rate of return (IRR)
• Distribution waterfall calculation
• Expense calculation and payment services
• Partnership accounting
• Audit assistance
• Tailor made reporting
We provide the following middle office services so that our clients can leverage our expertise and in turn free up in-house resources, allowing them to stay focused on their primary investment objectives:
• Daily corporate action processing
• Daily prime broker position, proceeds/cash and trade
• Reconciled T+1 P&L reporting
• Trade and position break reporting
• Ad-hoc trades and position activity reporting
Special care is given to accurate and swift communication
with the funds’ investors, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory service and helping our clients to create a sound reputation for their funds. Our investor relation team provides a full range
of registrar, transfer agency and investor relation services consisting of:
• Investor transactions processing
• Preparation and handling of capital calls and distributions
• Maintenance of the unit/share register
• Cash management
• Eligibility, know your customer (KYC) and anti-money
laundering (AML) checks
• Communication with the investment manager, investors and
third parties
• Web-enabled reporting to unit/share holders

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